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Carter Brittany Kennels Questionnaire For Potential Puppy Buyers

Every litter of puppies at Carter Brittany Kennels is selectively and carefully bred, lovingly hand-raised with the most attentive of veterinary care and ownership, and given the best start at life with plenty of exposure and socialization. We plan very few litters per year and because of this we want to ensure we take the time to find each puppy a perfectly suited home for its lifetime. Below are a few questions that will help us learn more about you. There are no right or wrong answers so please represent yourself truthfully.


Puppy Reservation and Deposit Information

Please fill out the form below, and click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the screen to send us your information.

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Which litter are you inquiring about?

We currently have posted the following litters with available puppies for your review. Feel free to contact us for litters than are not posted to the website:

1) NGDC NAGDC FC AFC Peter Gunn x Destiny Willbemyne (a 2x National Gun Dog Champion 2x NGDC DC AFC High Hope's Dark Nite daughter). Litter born 2/14/17. We are currently accepting MALE reservation requests. (Males $1500)

3) NGDC NAGDC FC AFC Peter Gunn x Anita Littleluck (a 2x National Gun Dog Champion NGDC DC AFC Winchester of Hanging Jaze daughter). Puppies born 2/17/17. We are currently accepting MALE and FEMALE reservation requests. (Males $1500/Females $1750)

3) NGDC NAGDC FC AFC Peter Gunn x I'll Bewitched (a NAFC FC AFC Piney Run Sam Daughter). Puppies born 3/8/2017. We are currently accepting MALE reservation requests (Males $1500)
Have you ever owned a young puppy before? If you have not, are you aware young puppies of any breed are usually destructive if not provided enough activity? Are you aware puppies younger than 17 weeks old go through a teething phase and tend to play by nipping/biting/chewing though it is not in an aggressive manner? Do you realize young puppies need regular vet visits to complete their vaccination schedule, and lots of love, care, proper discipline and training to become the exceptional adult dog their lineage suggests? Are you and ALL of your household family members ready to devote the proper time to a new puppy? Please explain::*
Please tell us a little about yourself, your activity level, your home/yard, family, current pets and/or past dogs and anything else that may help us picture your day to day life. :*
What are your aspirations for your Brittany? Examples include: personal hunting companion, field trialer, conformation show participant, agility competitor, breeding, pet and companion. Please explain.:*
Should you be looking for hunting companion, please advise if you plan to compete in NSTRA, Hunt Tests, or Field Trials. If you do not, please advise how often you hunt, and the location and type of grounds you typically hunt (examples include open prairie, piney woods, agricultural lands, desert areas, mountains, etc). Also, do you plan to have the dog professionally trained or will you primarily be training the dog yourself? Please explain::*
Are you looking for a male, female, or are you open to either gender? Are you interested in the Pick of the Litter male/female puppy of your preferred litter (hunting homes only - see deposit info page for full details) Should your preferred litter also have a color option, do you have a preference over orange/white or liver/white? If you do have a color preference, do are you ONLY open to the preferred color? Please explain::*
Where do you plan to keep the dog at night, and/or when you are not at home?:*
Do you plan to spay or neuter your Brittany? Please explain.:*
Please provide a veterinary reference to include the clinic name and phone number along with the name of who the account is listed under.:*
How did you locate our website? If you are a facebook user we would enjoy connecting with you - simply search Carter Brittany Kennels from your facebook page - we update puppy photos here! Not a facebook user? Please request photos via email...:*
Understand that our puppies are all sired from either National Champions - meaning the #1 performance dogs from the ENTIRE Brittany breed or dogs who have finished their Field Championship titles and have proven themselves as remarkable champions with major accomplishments. The lineage of our puppies are by far superior and they have a great deal of potential. Each puppy is of great individual importance to us and we want the best home for each puppy whether it is a competition or companion home. These breedings are from some of the very best the Brittany breed has to offer. Please add any additional comments about yourself that may be helpful in puppy placement or questions you may have. :

We occasionally experience issues with questionnaires submitted through the website not reaching our inbox for unknown reasons. You may opt to copy the questions (remove/delete text boxes) and submit your answers in a private email to us at

Our apologies for any inconvenience. Please note that we generally respond within 24-48 hours of receipt of an email..if you don't hear from us...touch with us in a private email to ensure receipt of your questionnaire.

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