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Puppy Reservation Deposit

Regarding UNBORN litters:

Upon approval of your submitted puppy questionnaire for an unborn litter, we will accept early deposits of $100.00 prior to the litter being born to secure your place on the list until the litter is born. It has been our sad experience that people don't always understand that we have no control over what color puppies will be born, how many of each gender, and foresight of any potential problems, etc.  Take note: We have an active relationship with God and talk/pray to Him daily.  He has an ultimate plan for everything which does not always include what we plan for, anticipate, ask for, or intend.  We will meet your requests for SPECIFIC litter, gender and color preferences....God willing - and He usually does grant a very large portion of our waitlisted party's wishes as we only waitlist a certain number of people for each litter. In the event we can not provide a puppy of your preferred litter, color preference if color is an option, or your specified gender in the event your are specific, we will offer other upcoming litters or a different gender/color combination if available from your preferred litter.  The majority of our litters are completely reserved prior to birth as a result of the dedicated quality lineages of proven dogs in the pedigrees. Being waitlisted ensures you do receive a puppy upon availibility.   All of our litters are first class litters that are expected to exceed expectations and are all of exceptional pedigrees.  National champion sired litters are our specialty but are very uncommon and hard to find since the National Champion title is a title only a very elite few dogs carry - it is the needle in the haystack of titles and equivalent to the Olympic Gold Medal in layman's terms. Once we confirm we do have a puppy for you the remaining deposit of $150 is due upon email notification of the litter.  Any refunds of the initial deposit to hold a spot in an unborn litter prior to the birth of the litter will be at our discretion and will depend on the individual situation.  Should a puppy of your preferred gender and color not be born, the deposit is refundable or transferrable to another upcoming litter.  We only waitlist enough people for each breeding to cover the estimated puppies expected from the specific mother.  In the event we underestimate a particular litter, parties who are waitlisted for other upcoming litters due at a later date will have first option to accept/decline any available puppies due to under estimation of our waitlist before public offering and announcement to non-waitlisted parties.

Regarding litters that have been born:

In the rare event we do have an available puppy available after the birth of a litter, we will accept deposits in the amount of $250 to hold an available puppy until proper age of pick up or flight (6-8 weeks of age) upon approval of your submitted puppy questionnaire.

Deposits for reserving a puppy will ONLY be accepted in the form a cashiers cheque, money order, or personal check (preferred) mailed to our home address:

Jim and Drew Carter

13094 Bowens Mill Road
Ambrose, GA 31512

If you are mailing a deposit to us, PLEASE include the following in the form of a personal note:

Your name
Mailing address
Phone number
Email address
The litter you are sending a deposit for
Preferred gender of the puppy
 Any additional information you feel is needed so that we may maintain proper records.

If you have questions or concerns about making a deposit please contact us.  The deposit will be reimbursed in full in the event of untimely death or illness of your reserved puppy prior to scheduled pickup or shipment to your home.   Please note that we have the best interest of our puppies and know them and their personalities better than anyone as we spend lots of time with every litter we have.  We do our very best to match puppies with families whom they are most suited.  We will recommend puppies to you that we feel will best suit your situation based on the information you provide in the questionnaire.

Our utmost goal is a happy puppy and a happy owner. 

 We expect puppies to be picked up and/or shipped by the age of 8 weeks old.  Owners with puppies remaining in our possession past the age of 8 weeks old may be charged a daily boarding fee of $5.00/day and will also be responsible for vaccination fees during this time if applicable.  Vaccines are priced accordingly should the puppy be in our possession at the time vaccinations are needed: 6 week vaccinations (included in puppy price), 9 week vaccines ($40),12 week vaccines ($40), 16 week vaccines ($15).  We are unable to send veterinary quality/certified vaccinations home with you. Please do not ask.

Final Payment and Shipping

Kennel Pickups:  If you plan on picking your reserved puppy up directly from Carter Brittany Kennels any remaining balance is required in full upon pick up of your puppy.  Payment options are the same as the deposit payment options.   Personal checks must have a minimum of 2 weeks to clear prior to releasing the puppy.   Puppies who are being picked up from Carter Brittany Kennels must be a minimum of  6 weeks old  but must be acquired prior to 8 weeks of age unless prior arrangement have been made.  Please note that puppies remaining in our care past the age of 8 weeks for any reason will access a daily boarding fee of $5.00/day + the cost of any neccessary vaccines according to age - given at intervals of 6 weeks (included in puppy cost), 9 weeks ($40), 12 weeks ($40), and 16 weeks ($15)

Airline Transfers:  If your reserved puppy must be shipped to you via airline services payment in full for the remaining balance of your puppy plus all applicable shipping fees must be obtained within a minimum of 7 (seven) days prior to shipment.  Personal checks must have time to clear (2 weeks).  We will also accept final payment through Puppy Escrow Payment Services if you prefer.  If Puppy Escrow is your preferred payment method please ask so we can set up an account for the transaction.  Buyers will be responsible for all transaction fees.  We will arrange and discuss shipment in great detail with you to ensure pickup and transfer go smoothly. Final flight bookings with Delta or Continental  will be made after payment is received in full.  We will communicate with you via phone the day of shipment to let you know your puppy is in flight and to ensure you have received your puppy from the Delta or Continental Cargo port at the destination airport in excellent condition.  AKC papers for your reserved puppy will be mailed to you on the day final payment is received for your reserved puppy.  Puppies who must fly to their new homes must be a minimum of 56 days (8 weeks) old.  Please note that airline transfers usually cost approximately $400.00 which includes airfare and taxes, travel crate, and health certification and gas.  We have no control over these costs. The drive for us to the airport is a lengthy one (anywhere from 6-7 hours round-trip) and we do NOT charge you for our time - only the expenses incurred in the transportation itself.  We look at it as an opportunity to provide the puppy with an excellent home for life and therefore our physical time spent in transportation is not of monetary importance.  We may be able to book door to door delivery of your pet via a trusted tranport company we have used on multiple occasions but they only service states EAST of Texas/North Dakota and their schedule will have to be checked prior to confirmation of this possibility.  Please note that puppies remaining in our care past 8 weeks of age for any reason will access a daily boarding fee of $5.00/day  + the cost of any neccessary vaccines according to age - given at intervals of 6 weeks (included in puppy cost), 9 weeks ($40), 12 weeks ($40), and 16 weeks ($15).

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