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Smoke's Lightning Feather (Greta)

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About Smoke's Lightning Feather (Greta)

Greta's sire is the renowned 10X NSTRA Champion Windswept's Clay Bullet (a benchmark attained by only a couple dozen dogs in NSTRA's 30 year existence).  Windswept's Clay Bullet was an excellent competitor and field dog who possessed speed, range, stamina, nose, bird-finding ability, and style. 

Greta's Dam is Smoke's Feathers-n-Lace who is sired by NSTRA legend 32x NSTRA Champion Nolan's Last Bullet.  Nolan's Last Bullet is the all-time winningest dog in the history of the National Shoot To Retrieve Association (NSTRA).  He holds virtually every meaningful record in this arena of field trial competition: most times a champion (32), most lifetime championship points (508), most points in a single season (102), most placements in NSTRA title trials (14).  His six first-lace finishes in NSTRA's flagship events - The Trial of Champions, the Grand National Invitational, etc. - is a record only one other dog has equaled. Smoke's Feathers-n-Lace is also a littermate to our own foundation female Bullet's Renegade Miss Megan (Megan) and FC Brook's Little Pete (Opie).  Together, Nolan's Last Bullet and Keith's Renegade Ginger (Greta's grandparents), have been the producers of what we believe to be the best dogs ever sired by Nolan's Last Bullet which include both our Megan and Opie in addition to Beeline's Bullet's Bravado (Brave) and Split Creeks Medicine Man (Doc) both of which are multiple time NSTRA Champions and winners of NSTRA National events in addition to being excellent bird dogs ( We've seen them work many times ).

Greta is a nice moderate range gun dog in the  field as well as being a very affectionate and even tempered pet with loads of heart.  She is currently steady to wing and has a lot of style on point.  She is also a natural retriever with good range and a strong hunting desire.  She aims to please.  Her biggest accomplishment is her offspring we have been very happy with her puppies by NGDC NAGDC FC AFC Peter Gunn.  They are still young but have shown great promise in the field so far.

Smoke's Lightning Feather (Greta) Pedigree

*Dogs in RED denote Champion status
*Dogs withthe suffix HOF listed in GREEN denote Brittany Hall of Fame Inductees



Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Smoke's Lightning Feather (Greta)

Reg Name: Smoke's Lightning Feather
Reg #: SR33011901 Breed/Variety: Brittany
Birth Date: 03-09-2006 Sex: Female
Colors/Markings: White & Orange
Breeder(s): Eric Lowman

Smoke's Lightning Feather (Greta)

Windswept's Clay Bullet
10x NSTRA Ch.
Ruff And Ready Zack Bullet Proof II Bullet Bazooka NAFC FC AFC Brandy's Bullet HOF
Bazooka's Cindy Ann
Scipio Sioux FC AFC Scipio Spinks HOF
CH Jacolet Cheyenne Sioux
High Risk

Perry's Rustic Prince HOF

Tu Way's Kaymore Jack
Barb De Wit
Sun's Vanilla Shake NFC DC AFC Ban-Dee HOF
FC AFC Flint's Lucky Sandy
Brookses BB Sugar Loaf George Willoughby's Rusty Gold NFC NAFC DC AFC Perry's Rustic Prince HOF
Upton's Sulaine Mitzi
Sweet Lou's Freckles Keeper's Sweet Revenge
Holly's Misty Lou
Brookses Brandy Bollingers Barney Bubba Lee
Shores Molly Of Foscoe
Lisas Ginger Britt's Smokey Ruff
Angel Of Richlands
Smoke's Feathers-n-Lace

Nolan's Last Bullet

Ruff And Ready Zack Bullet Proof II Bullet Bazooka
Scipio Sioux
High Risk

Perry's Rustic Prince HOF

Sun's Vanilla Shake
Brookses BB Sugar Loaf George Willoughby's Rusty Gold
Sweet Lou's Freckles
Brookses Brandy Bollingers Barney
Lisas Ginger

Keith's Renegade Ginger

NAFC DC AFC Renegade's Kansas Kid HOF FC AFC R-Lucky Brandy's Bazooka DC Hi-Spirit Bazookas Pistol HOF
Gringo's Cinnamon Sioux
FC Prince's White Tail NFC NAFC DC AFC Perry's Rustic Prince HOF
NAFC DC AFC Colorado's Jumping Gypsy HOF
Havapal's Jac's A Can-Dee FC AFC Bi-Low's Assassin NFC FC AFC Markar's Jac's A Dan D HOF
Bi-Low's Terrorist
Havapal's Impact Annie Havapal's Rodney
B's Molly Valentine

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