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Star's Gamblin Bandit (Bandit)


About Star's Gamblin Bandit (Bandit)

Bandit is a level headed, moderate range gun dog with an incredible amount of bird drive and hunting instinct who has multiple juvenile and adult field trial placements. Retiring from field trialing under the substantial hand of Dr. Kent Cantrell and pro-trainer Ben Lorenson,  Bandit is now being enrolled in our breeding program in hopes of producing the next generation of fine field dogs as a direct result of her hunting ability and fine lineage.
Bandit's sire is FC/AFC Keystone's White Label who obtained both his AKC field championship (FC) title as well as his amateur field championship (AFC) title who is from the well known FC/AFC Chubasco II lineage with a hint of 1994 National All Age Champion Brittany hall of famer NFC/FC/AFC Microdot thrown into the mix. FC/AFC Chabasco II was a big running All Age dog with lots of potential who had 90 field placements to his name as well as an American Field Championship titles and two runner up American Field Championship titles.
Bandit's mother's side is an inspiring mix of dogs who earned National titles or have been inducted into the Hall of Fame and have served as the base of many of today's champions and National champions.  Bandit is grandfathered by the 1997 National Amateur All-Age Champion NAFC/FC/AFC Walker's Gunner who has sired two national champions which include two time National Gun Dog Champion NGDC/NAGDC/FC/AFC Peter Gunn and National Gun Dog Champion NGDC/FC Last Dixie Chick. NAFC/FC/AFC Walker's Gunner is a full littermate brother to the 2002 National Amateur Field Champion NAFC/FC/AFC Pistol Pack'N Walker. Bandit's Great-Grandfather is 1989 National All Age Champion NFC/FC/AFC Rimarda's Gambler who's pedigree includes Hall Of Famer FC/AFC Rimarda's Trademark,1983 National All Age Champion Hall of Famer Bean's Blaze, Hall of Famer DC Scipio's Little Chick, 1979 National Amateur All Age Champion NAFC/FC/AFC The Real Thing, and Hall of Famer AFC Reed's Bo-Nine Max to name a few. 

Star's Gamblin Bandit (Bandit) Awards and Recognition:

10/27/2006 Rappahannock Brittany Club Open Derby 3rd
11/11/2006 Georgia Brittany Club Open Derby 3rd
11/12/2008 Music City Brittany Club Open Gun Dog 2nd
12/12/2008 Southeastern Brittany Club Open Gun Dog 4th
01/24/2009 Georgia Brittany Club Amateur Gun Dog 2nd
12/08/2010 Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club Open Gun Dog 2nd
03/18/2011 Tar Heel Brittany Club Open Gun Dog 3rd
12/08/2011 Georgia Brittany Club Open Walking Gun Dog 4th
01/06/2012 Mid Florida Brittany Club Amateur Limited Gun Dog 4th
01/06/2012 Mid Florida Brittany Club Amateur Gun Dog 4th
12/07/2012 Georgia Brittany Club Open Limited Gun Dog 3rd

Star's Gamblin Bandit (Bandit) Pedigree

*Dogs listed in RED denote Champion status
*Dogs with the suffix HOF in GREEN denote Brittany Hall of Fame Inductees


Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Star's Gamblin Bandit
Reg Name: Star's Gamblin Bandit
Reg #: SR26941002 Breed/Variety: Brittany
Birth Date: 04/24/2005 Sex: Female
Colors/Markings: Liver & White
Breeder(s): Keith and Robin Phillips

Star's Gamblin Bandit

FC Keystone's White Label
FC Ricoche-T FC Shady's Lil' Clipper

FC Chesany's Sawtooth Rim Runner

DC Chick's Blaze'n Sawtooth Sam JH
Little Bay Breeze
BBB Delta Dream FC AFC Bay Meadows Trucker
BBB Scip-A-Jigger O'Brandy
Spotlight II Powell's Buzzsaw FC AFC Sholdebrand Ban-Dee Baronet
DC Tal Vez Patsy
BBB Scip-A-Jigger O'Brandy
Jemar's Scip N Jiggers
Jular Merry Mandolin
White Lightning XV

FC AFC Chubasco II

FC Shady's Lil' Clipper FC Chesany's Sawtooth Rim Runner
BBB Delta Dream
Spotlight II Powell's Buzzsaw
BBB Scip-A-Jigger O'Brandy
Lobo's Scipios Dream NFC FC AFC Microdot HOF FC Micro Chip
Scipio's Super Jet
Lobo's Blazn Sugar Cookie

Beans Blaze HOF

DC Lobo's Sugar Babe
Dixie's Blazing Star NAFC FC AFC Walker's Gunner FC Chikamin's Mr Walker NFC FC AFC Hi Proof Rum Runner HOF Bullet Proof II
Lester's Whisky Talk
DC Chikamin's Chiklet

NFC FC AFC Beans Blaze HOF

DC Scipio's Little Chick HOF
Rimini's Blaze'n Chick NFC FC AFC
Beans Blaze HOF
FC AFC Sholdebrand Acres Noble
Gem State Jill
DC Scipio's Little Chick HOF NFC FC Casey's Chikamin
Scipio's Wild Cherry
FC AFC Dixie Gambler
NFC FC AFC Rimarda's Gambler FC AFC Rimarda's Trademark HOF NAFC FC AFC The Real Thing
Shiawassee Showtime Babe
Windagail's Dessert Dust FC AFC Reeds
Bo-Nine Max
Desert Dee Maria
FC B-Bar-K's Jamie-Lyn Of Auten
FC Auten's Keystone Cop FC AFC Radar's Buc-Shot De Ran-Bo
DC Auten's Morning Star
CH Auten's Battlestar Ami

NFC DC AFC Cinnabar's Ami Roc De'Edwards HOF

DC Auten's Morning Star

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