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The pages to view our available puppies from our posted litters are password protected.  We will upload puppy videos to the appropriate page once puppies are of age for families to begin  puppy selection (5-7 weeks or older).  We will not contact families prior to puppies coming of age for selection.  We will provide the password to families on our reservation list once we reach each family's name for selection.   If you are on our reservation list, we will contact you and provide the password for puppies that are available to you once your name is up for selection.  Complete details on our process is detailed in our DEPOSIT POLICY.  Please review our deposit policy if you have questions or concerns about puppy selection.  To view puppies from prior litters, please visit our facebook page @carterbrittanykennels. 

 If you are interested in being added to our reservation list for an upcoming litters please complete our Puppy Purchase Application as the first step of our process and review our Deposit and Puppy Reservation Policy.  To view information concerning our upcoming litters, please select each upcoming litter under the Upcoming Litter drop down menu located in the header bar menu at the top of the page.  

If you are interested in learning how we raise our puppies, please read the information at the bottom of the page.    Our utmost goal is finding the very best, most suitable home for each and every one of our puppies.    We spend countless hours with each and every litter we produce and we base our evaluations on our experience with this breed and our in-depth knowledge gained through years of producing, training  and watching national caliber competition brittanys transform from puppies to well mannered adult dogs at the top of their game.  We are well versed in the traits different lineages bring to the table, how they combine so we are producing a new generation of champions that continue to exceed expectations,  and how the qualities and characteristics of each individual puppy translate as the puppies grow.   We look forward to working with your family to find the perfect, four-legged addition that will provide years of joy and exceed expectations.  We sincerely thank you for your interest in our kennel.  May your love for this exceptional, versatile breed grow as deep as our own.

Reservation List Families

We are currently announcing the litter by Windy Hill Curly and Sparkle Anne Shyne.  
 Families first in line in are as follows in no particular order.  Should they decline , we will begin contact with those further down the list.  





The litter by Kirkland x Carter's Immortal Lover has also arrived (10/13).  They are not old enough to announce at this time.  There are 4 orange and white males and 3 orange/white females.  We will update the website once they are old enough to announce once puppies are 6 week old.

We are also excited to announce the arrival of our Kirkland x Charlie's Last Angel (born 11/21 - 2 females and 1 male - all orange/white) as well as Kirkland x Carter's Gunning for Trouble (born 11/23 - 2 females and 1 male - all orange/white).  
These puppies are also not old enough to announce at this time.


The litter by NGDC NAGDC FC AFC Peter Gunn x Never Looking Back has arrived (10/31).  Additionally,  the NGDC NAGDC FC AFC Peter Gunn x Constance Leigh Winnen has also arrived (11/18).  they are not old enough to announce at this time.  We will be formally announcing the litters when they come of age (6+ weeks).  Never Looking Back has 2 Orange/White Females and 3 Orange/white Males.  Constance Leigh Winnen has 1 orange/white female and 2 orange/white males.  Once puppies reach 25+ days old, we will reach out to families on our reservation list to confirm availability. 


In December, we are expecting three additional champion sired litters to whelp:

FC Chattahoochee x Designer Jean
(liver/white and orange/white puppies expected)

FC Chattahoochee x I'll Bewitched
(orange/white puppies expected)


FC Chattahoochee x Carter's Dances At Dawn
(orange/white puppies expected)

Hopefully those who have been waiting a very long time on our org/wht female list will finally have a puppy.  Our litters May-September only had a total of  5 org/wht females born.  

**As always** 
we thank you for your patience and we will be in touch
when it is your turn.

Available Puppy Videos

If we have contacted you and provided you with the password to view puppies of your preferred gender and color, please select the appropriate button below to take you to the password area.  If you are having issues accessing the page, please contact me by email or text message at your earliest convenience




If you are interested in reserving a dog or puppy from our kennel please complete the questionnaire below for approval purposes.

If you have completed the puppy questionnaire/application and you are ready to reserve one of the premium puppies from this litter, we will require that a deposit be made to reserve the puppy your choosing until the puppy reaches 6 weeks old.  Please review our deposit policy via the link below.  Deposits can be made via Venmo, Applepay, PayPal, or by mailing in a check.  We will provide instructions through private communications after receipt of your puppy questionnaire.

How We Raise Our Puppies Ensures an Easy Transition To Their New Home

As a veterinarian owned/operated kennel, we take great pride in ensuring our puppies get the very best start to life by beginning socialization of our puppies on the day of their birth.  We build a strong bond with every single puppy prior to their ears and eyes opening so they experience the tenderness, love, and care the human touch provides before they can see and hear us.  We earn their affection and trust in the early developmental stages through bottle feeding once a day so they are drawn to us in the same way they are drawn to their mother through feeding.  We get them accustomed to being held in our arms, tummy up, to communicate human dominance, rub their feet so they are not touchy in this area as they grow to make nail trims easy as they mature, and gently open and close their mouths so any future medication dosage is not a battle to be won. We massage their ears to make cleaning time simple and efficient and talk to them to get them used to our voices.  At approximately 2 weeks old, their eyes and ears finally open and their hearing and vision becomes sharper with every passing day.  At 3.5 weeks old, their teeth begin emerging and they slowly learn to stand and walk. We begin them on a premium quality food at this age as nutrition is the foundation of a healthy dog.  We feed all babies and lactating mothers Purina Proplan Performance 30/20 which is an all life-stages food that they can be fed for life.  This formula is enhanced with essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, plus glucosamine for healthy joints and mobility.  The recipe is specially-formulated to optimize oxygen metabolism and has DHA and EPA omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acides for a dose of goodness in every bite.  As they continue to grow we expand their horizons and introduce them to a wide variety of sounds and situations so they transition easily to their new homes when the time comes.  Puppies are released to their new homes generally between the 7.5-8 week old mark, which is determined by the age of which the litter hits specific milestones and also when the mother is fully ready to ween them.  We always let nature take it's natural course and we will not release puppies until the mother has decided it is officially time for her babies to be without her.  It is important that we listen to the mother and follow her lead.  When she is ready to ween them, she no longer requests to visit them and no longer allows them to nurse.

Pedigree is extremely important, no matter what your aspirations are for your puppy.  Our litter pedigrees are full of champions in the early generations of the puppies which helps guarantee their soundness, as people do not spend vast amounts of money to campaign dogs in events that aren't healthy or have difficulty learning.  We have planned this exceptionally high quality litter with expectations of producing highly versatile puppies that will succeed in any environment and activity.  Our focus is on producing elite quality hunting dogs that heavily bond with their humans, are incredibly intelligent, highly sensible, biddable, and are able to adjust their energy level to different situations.  Our puppies are extremely easy to train with an eagerness to learn which makes everything from housebreaking to learning specific commands fun for all.  These important features are the foundation of a superior quality dog that will succeed and be satisfied doing whatever their people enjoy doing - whether it is training for hunting competitions or companion plantation hunting, agility events, conformation events, service/therapy animal needs, or a constant, well-mannered companion for neighborhood walks, snuggling by the fire, or catching up on your favorite television show on the sofa.  Of all the hundreds of different dog breeds on the planet, we can't imagine owning any other breed than the Brittany for our family.  One dog can meet the individual needs of each and every one of us and it is remarkable how versatile they are.

We strive to find the right family for each puppy, which includes an evaluation of the temperament, attitude and energy level as well as physical qualities to ensure the best home for each puppy.  Puppies come with a complete 26 month health guarantee against genetic defects. Our sires and dams undergo breed specific health tests that they must meet and/or exceed prior producing a litter of puppies.  All dewclaws will be removed, tails will be docked, and they will be up to date on all vaccinations and dewormer.  We do ship puppies within the continental United States via airline at the age of 8 weeks old.  Prices do vary depending on the airline used.  We generally fly puppies out of the Atlanta, GA (ATL) airport and generally are able to secure direct flights to most locations.  If we are able to use Delta or American Airlines, all-inclusive pricing for airline transfers are $385.00 which includes booking, health certificate, airline approved travel kennel, food and water bowls, and our 400 mile round trip to the airport for drop off.   We are also able to arrange for ground shipping which enables transport during the summer months.  Ground shipping costs will vary by location.  If you do prefer ground shipping, we will be able to provide pricing based on your location and the mileage through our trusted carriers upon request.   

When you are ready to take the next step and move forward with our kennel for your next four-legged family member, we kindly ask that you compete the puppy questionnaire/application that can be accessed using the link above or through the contact us drop down menu.  If you have difficulties locating the application please feel free to contact us for assistance.  We do accept early deposits in the amount of $100 to be added to the reservation list for first selections upon the birth of the litter.  We also accept deposits in the amount of $250 (or) up to 1/3rd of the total puppy cost for available puppies that have been born until they are ready for homes.  We will respond to your puppy questionnaire/application with complete deposit details and additional information and details.

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