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As a veterinarian owned, national caliber competition kennel with over two decades of experience with the breed, we are dedicated to producing premium quality American Brittanys.  The elite lineages of our puppies guarantee smart, sensible, healthy, and highly trainable puppies that will thrive in their new homes and excel at the activities their owners pursue.  If you are ready to move forward with our kennel, please complete our puppy questionnaire for approval purposes.  To see past puppies, please visit our facebook page @carterbrittanykennels.

Puppy Reservations for

Upcoming Litters

Upon approval of your submitted puppy questionnaire for our upcoming litters, we will accept early deposits in the amount of $100.00 prior to the litter being born to secure your place on our reservation list.  


Paying a deposit will list you for either 1) all upcoming standard litters or 2) all upcoming national champion sired litters (if we have more than one on the way) depending on your preferences and our approval, unless you are specific about your litter request.  


We will accept deposits via Venmo, Applepay, PayPal, or by mailing in a personal check.  We will discuss instructions for making a deposit through private communication upon acceptance of your questionnaire in the event you would like to move forward with our kennel.  


Deposits made for our standard litters (not sired by national champions) are non-refundable. We will have a puppy for you with time, as we plan standard litters frequently.  


Our national champion litters (NGDC NAGDC FC AFC Peter Gunn Litters or other National Champions) are generally frozen semen breedings and we do not plan them with any frequency.  As a result, if we are unable to provide a national champion sired puppy from the advertised litter after paying a deposit, we will refund your deposit for a national champion sired puppy.  Litters sired by NGDC NAGDC FC AFC Peter Gunn are frozen semen and are the crown of our breeding program.  Should a litter by Peter Gunn be the only litter you are interested in, if available, and we do not have puppies available to you from the Peter Gunn litter, the deposit is refundable for failing to be able to provide a puppy from a Peter Gunn litter.  If there are puppies available to you from a Peter Gunn sired litter but you choose to decline, the deposit is not transferable and we will transfer your deposit to the next Peter Gunn litter or other national champion sired litter of your choice.  We can also transfer you to our standard litter list upon request and according to the date/time your deposit was received.  National Champion sired litters are NOT standard litters.   Deposits for standard litters are non-refundable.


It has been our unfortunate experience that people don't always understand that we have no control over what color puppies will be born, how many of each gender, or the foresight for any potential problems.  We have had families get angry with us because a puppy of their color and gender wasn't born or there were not enough puppies of a specific gender or color born to allow them an option, or more than one option from a specific litter.  This is supposed to be fun for us.  We have real jobs and own businesses that stress us out - the kennel is something we do for our own pleasure and love for AKC competitions and the Brittany breed. Take note: We have an active relationship with God and talk/pray to Him daily.  He has an ultimate plan for everything which does not always include what we plan for, anticipate, ask for, or intend.  We will meet your requests for SPECIFIC litter, gender and color preferences....God willing - and He usually does grant a very large portion of our waitlisted party's wishes as we only waitlist a certain number of people for each litter.  We rarely have problems with people, but there is always the occasional bad egg.  Please don't be the bad egg as we want to enjoy working with you.  We do very kindly ask for your patience with all of our processes.  We will return this favor once we have reached your name on our reservation list.


If you are on the reservation list for an upcoming litter, once a litter is born, we will typically move the litter from the upcoming litter section to the available litter section. We will NOT contact families on the waiting list until puppies have reached a minimum of 5-7 weeks old, depending on the litter maturity and our available free time. Quite often, we have litters that are born 1-2 weeks apart.  If this is the case, we will announce once BOTH litters have reached the minimum age 5-7 weeks old to provide families with the most choices.  Please note that the infant phase lasts 28 days and is a critical period.  Things can go wrong.  We simply ask you to be patient during this wait and grow period until we can confidently announce puppies and show videos once they are mature enough.  We will begin reaching out to families one by one to make notification that there are puppies available to them once the critical phase as passed.

Once we reach out to you to let you know that we do have a puppy available for you and your family that meets your requests,  you may select a puppy from the puppy or puppies available to you. We do generally upload videos to the website and password protect the page as we work through the reservation list.  We do this to preserve the PEACE and to give each family our undivided attention when we reach their name without conflicts. We will provide viewing instructions once we have reached your name on our reservation list and we are ready to announce and show the puppies (5-7 week old mark is when we start).  

If we do not have puppies available that meet your requests we will by default transfer you to the next available litter.  Once we reach your name and have puppies to offer that meet your requests, we will call, text, and email repeatedly until we have communicated with you.  Please note that we have absolutely no control over the number, gender, and color of puppies born.  We will contact you once we have options for you to select from.  This may take time as we have absolutely no control over the number, gender, and color of puppies born.


For our standard litters (non-National Champion Sired), should there be any reason that you decline a puppy that meets your requests after paying a deposit, your deposit may be transferred to a different upcoming litter or any other color, gender, or quality option puppy if you are open to other genders or colors or qualities that we have within one year.  Standard litter reservation list deposits are non-refundable - they are only transferrable.  

Please note that choosing a puppy is a 15+ year commitment.  We give each and every family adequate time and our undivided attention in order to answer questions and review their selection options before we begin moving to the next family.  This can be slow and time consuming depending on how quickly families can make decisions, litter maturity, and our available free time.  This is where we really need your patience.  The process of slowly offering puppies can take 2-3 weeks or more.  We find that it is most wise to select a puppy when they are old enough to walk, play, bark, hear, see, and smell. This is why we are very slow to begin offering puppies to families and wait until they are fully mature. We want to understand their personalities and conformational traits so we can guide you to puppies that will make suitable matches for you.  Also, families frequently choose to delay, or change their color and litter and gender preferences, so it is possible that puppies will become available to you even if you are further down on our reservation list.  Once we get to your name, you will have our undivided attention and will provide you with the most options for each litter.  We very kindly ask that you provide patience during the selection period.  Please note that there is absolutely no penalty for choosing to be moved to the next litter should you not like any of the puppies available to you from the first born litter with puppies that are available to you.  We prefer things as stress-free as possible.  Our flexibility as well as yours will guarantee this.

If we are able to meet your litter, gender, and color preferences after you have been approved after completing our puppy questionnaire, and you have made a deposit, our next official contact will be once puppies have reached a minimum of 5 weeks old - at the MINIMUM.  Puppies are born with their eyes and ears sealed shut, they can not walk. they can not bark, and they do not have teeth. The first 28 days are a critical time for the puppies and a high level of care is required.  We wait until the the bare minimum of the 28 day old mark, to make official contact to enable us to be confident that all puppies have made it through the critical time. Viewing a litter with more age on them will also allow you to see what the puppy actually looks like.  They change dramatically in the first 5 weeks and go from weighing a few ounces to several pounds. They go from looking like little sleepy blobs of fur wiggling and pushing themselves around on their bellies to becoming able to stand, walk, run, play, and make real dog sounds instead of infant cries.  28 - 35 days makes a HUGE different in the puppies.  The change is more dramatic more than any other growth period.


Once the litter has reached complete stability (approximate age of 5-7 weeks old), we will take photos and/or videos of each puppy in the litter and update the litter page with the photos/videos on our website in most cases. We will password protect the litter page as we begin going through the reservation lists and begin offering puppies to families. Depending on individual situations, we may opt to forward email or text videos of puppies instead of posting them to the website.  If we password protect the page, this prevents us from being bombarded with emails and texts before we are fully ready to communicate with information on which puppies are available to your family. Please note that availability can change by increasing or decreasing with each and every family on the list. We do apologize for any inconvenience that waiting until your turn causes you, but we try to keep things as stress free as possible for us.  This also allows us to give each family our undivided attention and to answer any questions they may have to ensure they are happy and comfortable moving forward with one of the puppies made available to them.  We will contact each family that is on our reservation list individually in chronological order based on the timing of the deposit in addition to the color, gender, and quality preferences. We will offer puppies that are available to you based on the color/gender/and quality of puppy you stated that you preferred when filling out the questionnaire.  We also we take into consideration the timing of the deposit if homes are very similar in preferences and the purpose the dog is being purchased for.  This is a process that does take time.  Simply put, we kindly ask for your patience - at all times.


Please note that we own multiple businesses, have young children, and work full time jobs.  The kennel is something we do only because we enjoy it and because we want to continue to fuel our competition passions. We kindly ask for your patience as well as your understanding throughout this process as this is something we do only for fun. We absolutely will contact you as soon as we are able to reveal puppies that are available to you when puppies are available to you. We will follow up with texts and/or phone calls until we have spoken with you to let you know puppies are ready for your review.  Our days are usually pretty hectic.  We often get emails asking for updates and additional information.  If we haven't contacted you yet, it isn't your turn yet.  We will not have accurate updates or info for you until we reach your turn.  If my response is brief or short, please don't take it as me being ugly. A lot of times, I can't answer the question which is generally answered with "I appreciate your patience and we will be in touch soon" for lack of a better answer.  My apologies in advance. Questions like, how soon will you get to my name, how many puppies will be available to me, etc. typically can not be answered because we have absolutely no control over the number, gender, and color of puppies born and do not know how many of each color/gender etc will be born. Our lists fluctuate and people delay quite often, things go wrong. We can't really answer these questions until we reach your name on the reservation list and puppies make it through the critical phase of the first 4-5 weeks. I do try to respond as soon as possible and not leave people hanging.  I may be holding a kitten at the vet clinic waiting for Jim to examine it and typing responses during that very brief window.  Im often straight to the point, which may be a personality flaw to some, but unfortunately, that's me. Please take a brief answer with a grain of salt - its not brief because I'm being ugly or you are bothering me - I assure you that you are not - please don't feel that way. Please note that I do best with email or text.  I have a very significant hearing loss (85-100% depending on the frequency/pitch) and I have problems understanding what people are saying a lot of the time on the phone - women more than men.  If you need a phone call or if your questions require a lengthy response, I (Drew), will call sometime after we get off work so Jim can answer questions and I can help with any specific questions about my part of kennel work with his assistance.  


We understand that choosing a puppy can be up to a 15+ year commitment and we want to make sure we get it right!   Upon seeing the puppies, should you decide to move forward with a puppy that is available to you, our next step will be to send out the preparation email to you which will discuss all things puppy and prepare you for bringing one of our puppies home.  We will update you with photos as the puppies grow approximately every 14-16 days until they are ready to go to their new homes.

Should you decline to move forward with a puppy that is made available to you, we will discuss your needs and preferences.  We are able to transfer your deposit to the next upcoming litter of your choice.  You will not lose your placement in line on our reservation list, which is set according to the date of which the deposit is received and also by the color, gender, and quality of puppy/price point you prefer.  There is no penalty for transferring your deposit to another upcoming litter for any reason. We will be fully committed to working with you until you are ultimately satisfied with one of our puppies.

We have over two decades of experience raising and selecting puppies for ourselves as well as for our new families. We are extremely familiar with each developmental phase and enjoy watching them grow and introducing them to new sounds and sights to ensure they will easily transition to your home. As mentioned, this is supposed be an enjoyable and relaxed process for everyone involved. We are accommodating and our goal is that you take home a puppy who you are happy with - we will work with you until you are satisfied with your puppy.  


Please note that upon selecting a puppy and choosing to continue with the reservation of a puppy, an additional deposit will need to be made to continue with the reservation of the puppy you would like to move forward with. The continuation reservation deposit for a puppy that has been born is 1/4-1/2 of the total puppy cost. Once you have decided on a puppy you would like to move forward with, we will send out an invoice with the continuation payment request. You will not have to make any payment prior to receiving an invoice after you have selected a puppy.  We do everything step-by-step to keep things simplified.  Once you receive the continuation deposit request invoice, the additional deposit will need to be paid by the due date in order for us to continue with the reservation of the puppy you have selected. If you fail to pay the continuation deposit by the due date, we will cancel your puppy selection.  Once the continuation deposit is paid, we will send out the very last invoice, which is the final payment invoice.  Final payment will need to be made 2 weeks prior to ground or air transportation or at the time of pickup if you are picking your puppy up in person.

Every litter is unique and we determine release dates based on litter maturity and when the mother is ready to leave.  Most mothers completely ween the babies approximately 3 to 4 weeks after they get their teeth, which come in around the 3-4 week old mark.  She typically stops wanting to be with them around the age of 7 to 8 weeks old.  Once the mother has weened them, she does leave them and typically wants very little to do with them afterwards. We listen to what the mothers tell us and retain puppies until she is fully ready to leave them.  We estimate pickup dates at the age of 7 weeks - 9 weeks. Please note that we may lengthen the duration the puppies remain in our care if we feel it will beneficial to their growth and development. Notifications of any care extensions will be sent to you if they are required The preparation email, that will be sent out after you have confirmed you would like to move forward with a puppy made available to you,  will outline estimated transportation or pickup dates for your specific litter, will discuss food, toys, vet visits, training, health insurance, microchips, AKC registration, final payment, flights, and other topics to fully prepare you and your family for one of our premium puppies.

All of our puppies come with a 26 month health guarantee against genetic defects.  All puppies will be sold with dewclaws removed, tails docked, and veterinary professional grade vaccinations at the 6 week old mark, as well as dewormer, and external pest control as needed starting at birth.  If your puppy will be flying to your destination, we will fly puppies at 8 weeks old.  The airfare, crate, veterinary health certificate, and our 400 mile round trip travel to the airport is usually $385 if we can use Delta or American Airlines.   If we are forced to use United because of temperatures, the price will be a little higher.  We will make complete airline transportation arrangements for your puppy as we are extremely experienced with arranging pet delivery.  We also can arrange for ground shipping as well.  In some cases, this may be the best option and we will work with you to find an experienced pet transportation service for ground shipment.    If your puppy is flyin, we will work with you to schedule the flight date that will work for us all and we will provide complete instructions to prepare you for the day of flight so it goes smoothly.



(Condensed Version of Paragraphs Above)

Step One
We post upcoming litters to our website as the litters are bred

Step Two
If you are interested in being added to our reservation list,  please complete the puppy purchase questionnaire/application

Step Three
We will respond to your application and answer any specific questions you have and also make litter suggestions


Step Four
If you are ready to take the next step forward with our kennel and you are approved
, we will provide deposit instructions.  If you are certain you wish to move forward with our kennel, we strongly recommend making a deposit, as we rarely have puppies available to families outside of our reservation list and posted publicly.  Should we have available puppies from our litters that are not reserved by families on our reservation list, we will update the website with these puppies when they are approximately 5-7 weeks old, after we have contacted all families on our reservation list.

Step Five
Once a deposit is received, we will send an invoice outlining your payment and any 
specific litter, gender, color, and quality/price point requests

Step Six
We wait for puppies to be born and continue to patiently 
wait as they grow and become fully stable

Step Seven
We will update the individual litter page on the website with the litter birthday around 
the age of 10-14 days old in most cases and we feel we have established stage one litter stability.  We will not begin to reach out to families on our reservation list until puppies are completely stable, walking, playing, barking, able to see, hear, and are eating solid food.  This translates to the 5-7 week old mark. 

Step Eight
Once they are mature, we begin with formal
 puppy photos/videos at the approximate age of 5-7 weeks old. We do things this way so you can see puppies that finally look like puppies instead of sleepy blobs of fur.  When we have posted photos in the past, people have been way to eager to select at an inappropriate age for selection.  Prior to 5-7 weeks old, the only thing you can really select a puppy from is by their markings - we loathe this and have as a result, we have eliminated this aspect of selection by limited contact until puppies are actually old enough to select from.  We simply wait until they are old enough to select from.  If you are not comfortable with this, please note that we will not be altering our process despite requests for us to do so.  They also have personality by the 5-7 week age mark and begin making real dog sounds - barking -  instead of infant cries.  They start wagging their tails and start to play with their littermates at this age.  It gets fun and interesting at the age of 5-7 weeks old.  Once we update the website with individual puppies for selection, we will send out an email to families who will have the option to select or decline puppies from the litter.  We will password protect the litter page at this time as we begin communications with each family on our reservation list according to the timing of the deposit as well as any specific gender, color, and quality preferences.  Passwords will be provided to families in chronological order as we begin communications.  We kindly ask that you wait your turn and we will be in touch soon to let you see available puppies when it becomes your turn.  Your patience is greatly appreciated as this process takes time for each family.  Please note that your options can increase as we go through the reservation list should families in line ahead of you choose to delay reservation of a puppy from the litter.  Also, should there be additional puppies that are available from other litters that also meet your reservation requests, you will also be provided the option to purchase them as well.  We will always offer any available puppies from prior litters to families on our reservation list before they are posted publicly to our website   Once we do have availability and your name is up for puppy selection, we will contact you and begin Step Eight as described above.  We do greatly appreciate your patience throughout Step Eight as this step is highly personalized and very time consuming.

Step Nine
If you are ready to move forward with a puppy from the litter after seeing 
the puppies available to you, our next point of contact will be with the announcement/preparation email.  This email will fully prepare you for bringing one of our puppies home and will discuss estimated pickup dates or flight dates as well as food, vaccines, toys, care, and a vast range of other topics.   Should you decline puppies that are available to you and decide that you would prefer to wait for the next litter or a later date, we will place you back on our reservation list.  You will retain your original reservation list placement without penalty.

Step Ten
To continue with the reservation of your puppy, we will send out a continuation payment request invoice with a due date.  Failure to make a continuation payment by the deadline provided will cancel your puppy reservation request.

Step 11
We will continue to update photos/videos 
approximately every 2 weeks until puppies are ready to go home.  We will send these photos and videos to you privately to keep as memories.

Step Twelve
Puppies will be released around the estimated age of 8 weeks old.  Please note that we may extend the length of care on a litter if we feel it will be beneficial for growth and development of the puppies.  We listen to what the mothers have to say and allow them to officially make the decision on when she is ready to leave her babies for good by weening them.  The preparation 
email will outline the estimated release dates for in person pickups as well as potential flight dates.  Puppies who will be flying to their new homes will be scheduled to fly during the 8 week old period.  Puppies will leave our home fully up to date on all vaccines and needs.

Step Thirteen
We will schedule your in-person pickup or flight date and also assist with ground transportation if needed.  If there has been an extension of care, we will let you know and reschedule the pickup or flight date.  Please note that final payment in full is expected at the time of pickup or prior to flight, as outlined in the final payment invoice that will be sent after we have received your continuation deposit.  In the event air transportation is not available, we will help you with locating an experienced ground pet transporter for door to door delivery of your puppy.

Step Fourteen
Obtain your puppy and enjoy for a lifetime

Puppy Reservations for

Available Puppies

Should we have unreserved available from our litters, we will post them publicly if the litter is not fully reserved by families added to our reservation list via deposit. Puppies will be posted to our list view of available puppy page as well as to their specific litter page should puppies be available.  We will post  any available puppies around the age of 5 weeks old or older in most cases.


If you are interested in reserving an available puppy from a litter that has been born, the first step of the process is to complete the Puppy Questionnaire. Upon approval of your submitted puppy questionnaire, we will accept deposits to continue with the reservation of the specific puppy that you are interested in.   Deposits will be approximately 1/4 of the puppy price. Please note that puppies are available on a first come basis to approved homes in this situation.  The next steps moving forward will be communicated privately through email, but they do follow the timeline of events as described in the section above on reserving puppies from upcoming litters.