2016 Southern Open Brittany Champion

AKC Field Champion
AKC Amateur Field Champion

FC AFC Gunn's-A-Blaz'n

Carter Brittany Kennel's FC AFC Gunn's-A-Blaz'n is a titled AKC Field Champion and AKC Amateur Field Champion, has multiple field trial placements and wins.  FC AFC Gunn's-A-Blaz'n also holds the 2016 Southern Open Brittany Shooting Dog Classic Championship title in addition to a few conformational show ring placements.  Annie is a very poised and elegant, moderate range gun dog who is steady, enthusiastic and very stylish in the field.  She has an outstanding nose for birds, will back and retrieve naturally, and she has an affectionate and calm temperament which makes her a joy to live with at home. 

FC AFC Gunn's-A-Blaz'n is sired by Carter Brittany Kennel's NGDC NAGDC FC AFC Peter Gunn, who made Brittany breed history in 2009 as being the only dog to hold both the National Open and the National Amateur Gun Dog Championship titles.  He was also awarded the National 2010 Magnum's Masked Man award for having the highest amount of gun dog field trial wins/points of any dog in the country for the year.  Peter Gunn made history again in 2012 by winning the National Tri-Tronic's (now Garmin) Top Shooting Dog Award and becoming the first dog in the history of the breed to have been awarded every National Gun Dog/Shooting Dog Title and Award. NGDC NAGDC FC AFC Peter Gunn is one of the most talented and decorated, consistent and well rounded bird-dogs the Brittany breed has to offer.

FC AFC Gunn's-A-Blaz'n was whelped by Shady's Blaze of Glory, who is the daughter of 1983 National All Age Champion and Brittany Hall of Fame inductee NFC FC AFC Bean's Blaze HOF and Hall of Fame Inductee FC AFC Shady's Chik-N-Little HOF.  NFC FC AFC Bean's Blaze HOF had a career total of 45 placements (12 of which were 1st place), 5 hour wins, and was the 1982 Western Futurity Winner.  He has proven himself as a producer of multiple national champions by his daughter, 2008 National Gun Dog Champion NGDC FC AFC BJ's Blazin Daisy and his grandchildren which include NFC FC AFC Rambling Rose VIII, NAFC FC AFC Piney Run Sam, and NAFC FC AFC Lea's Running Jayhawk.  FC AFC Shady's Chik-N-Little HOF was also a remarkable dog with 47 total field placements (18 firsts) and 5 hour wins.

Field Placements and Awards
AKC Field Champion
Amateur Field Champion

11/20/2010 Georgia Brittany Club Open Puppy 4th
11/27/2010 Viszla Club of Metro Atlanta Open Puppy 2nd
12/11/2010 Georgia Brittany Club Open Walking Puppy 1st
12/12/2010 Georgia Brittany Club Amateur Walking Puppy 1st
01/29/2011 Georgia Brittany Club Open Puppy 1st
10/09/2011 Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club Open Derby 1st
11/16/2013 Georgia Brittany Club Amateur Gun Dog 4th
11/24/2013 Mid-Florida Brittany Club Open Walking Gun Dog 2nd
12/28/2013 Georgia Brittany Club Amateur Gun Dog 3rd
12/13/2014 Georgia Brittany Club Amateur Gun Dog 4th
12/14/2014 Georgia Brittany Club Open Gun Dog 3rd
01/04/2015 Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club Amateur Limited Gun Dog 4th
01/04/2015 Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club Open Gun Dog 4th
01/23/2015 Georgia Brittany Club Amateur Gun Dog 1st
03/14/2015 Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club Open Gun Dog 2nd
03/15/2015 Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club Amateur Gun Dog 3rd
12/12/2015 Georgia Brittany Club Open Gun Dog 3rd
01/16/2016 Mid Florida Brittany Club Amateur Gun Dog 3rd
01/23/2016 Georgia Brittany Club Amateur Gun Dog 2nd
01/23/2016 Georgia Brittany Club Grand Amateur Limited Gun Dog 3rd
02/02/2016 Southern Open Brittany Shooting Dog Classic "Southern Showdown" 1st
02/06/2016 Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club Amateur Gun Dog 3rd

12/02/2016 Georgia Brittany Club Amateur Gun Dog 4th

12/08/2016 Mid-Florida Brittany Club Grand Open Limited Gun Dog 2nd

01/25/2017 Georgia Brittany Club Amateur Gun Dog 2nd

01/11/2018 Mid-Florida Brittany Club Amateur Gun Dog 

01/24/2018 Georgia Brittany Club Amateur Gun Dog 1st

AKC Pedigree:
FC AFC Gunn's-A-Blaz'n

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