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Making Deposits
and Our
Selection Process

is your family
ready for a 

Carter Brittany?

As a veterinarian owned, national caliber competition kennel with over two decades of experience with the breed, we are dedicated to producing premium quality American Brittanys.  The elite lineages of our puppies guarantee smart, sensible, healthy, and highly trainable puppies that will thrive in their new homes and excel at the activities their owners pursue.  If you are ready to move forward with our kennel, please complete our puppy questionnaire for approval purposes.  To see past puppies, please visit our facebook page @carterbrittanykennels.

Puppy Reservations for
Upcoming Litters

Standard Litters
being added to our reservation list and making deposits

Upon approval of your submitted puppy questionnaire for our upcoming litters, we will accept early deposits in the amount of $100.00 prior to the litter being born to secure your place on our reservation list.    If you are interested in completing our puppy questionnaire to be considered for our upcoming litters, please select this link:  Puppy Questionnaire Application


Paying a deposit will list you for either 1) the litter or litters you are specifically interested in (or) 2) all upcoming standard litters as a first available request. Typically, we have multiple litters born at the same time.  Females who live together do sync their cycles.   In nature, all animals do this as it increases the chances of reproduction.   When living in the wild, males do not generally live with a group of females.  God tailored them to come into season around the same time so males would be attracted for breeding and multiple females could be covered.  Though dogs are domesticated, their reproductive systems still follow the trends of their non-domesticated counterparts.


Once your home as been approved, you will have the option to make a deposit to be added to our reservation list which will reserve your placement on our reservation list until we have puppies for you to make selections from.  Via email in response to your submitted application, we will discuss how to make a deposit.  We will accept deposits via Venmo, Applepay, PayPal, or by mailing in a personal check.  We will discuss instructions for making a deposit through private communication upon acceptance of your questionnaire in the event you would like to move forward with our kennel.  


Deposits made for our standard litters (not sired by national champions) are non-refundable. We will have a puppy for you with time, as we plan standard litters frequently.  We typically are conservative when it comes to the number of families we accept for each unborn litter to keep family's expectations within reason.  Once puppies have been born, we then begin filling in any underestimated open spots on our reservation list for the litters.  Now, we simply wait for puppies and we kindly ask for your patience as we wait for the miracle of birth to take place.


Standard Litters
Reservation List and Newborn Puppies

Age 1-5 Weeks Old

In order to be considered for a puppy from our litters that have been born, you must complete an application, be approved, and pay a deposit to reserve your placement on our reservation list until puppies are old enough for evaluations and for us to be able to offer selections to you that are deemed a great fit for your home and aspirations for the puppy.


We ask that families stay informed on our website for updates on litters once they whelp. Once the litter whelps, we will transfer the litter listing from our upcoming litter drop down menu in the header to the available dogs and puppies drop down menu in the header.  If you have not closed out a previous session, you may need to refresh your browser to see the most up to date information.  We will update the individual litter pages with the date of birth.  We typically do this once puppies are 5-10 days old.  We will then update the List View of Available Dogs and Puppies Page with families that are in line for selection for the newborn litters.  We tend to be very conservative during the early days.  As litters continue to mature, we will continue to add names once we are confident we will have puppies for you to select from.  If your name is not currently listed as being in line for selection, we are either continuing to be conservative until litters have a little more age on them, or there were not enough of a specific color or gender to reach your name.  If your name is not reached, you will continue to be on our reservation list until the next group of litters are born and we begin the process again.   If your name is listed as being included once puppies are of age to make selections from, we will not contact you privately until it is your turn to select your puppy once they are physically mature enough for selection.  We will begin the selection process once puppies are 5-7 weeks old, depending on litter maturity. We fully expect families to stay informed on our List View of Available Puppies Page.  We do maintain a link to this page in the header of our homepage.

Once puppies are approximately 2-3 weeks old, we will post group videos of each litter so you can see the new babies once they are mature enough.  We will post the videos on the List View of Available Dogs and Puppies Page as well as each individual litter page. If we have litters born within a few days of each other, we do typically group multiple litters together to give families a greater number of puppies to select from.  If you are on our reservation list for first available and not a specific litter, please note that we will not know which litter you will get a puppy from until you actually select a puppy after we have completed evaluations and determined which puppies will be great fits for your home.  We know how cute all of the puppies look in the videos and we understand your excitement.  Please note that prior to offering selections, we are in a wait and grow phase and we ask for your patience until puppies are of age to make selections from.  We will also typically post a 4 week old group video as well so you can see their growth leading up to the time that puppies are of age to undergo evaluations and selections.  We will not contact families on the waiting list until puppies have reached a minimum of 5-7 weeks old and your name is up for selection of your puppy.  The timing will depend on the litter maturity and our available free time.  We simply and respectfully ask you to be patient during this wait and grow period.

Puppies are born with their eyes and ears sealed shut, they can not walk. they can not bark, and they do not have teeth. The first couple of weeks are a critical time for the puppies and a high level of care is required.  They change dramatically in the first 5 weeks and go from weighing a few ounces to several pounds. They go from looking like little sleepy blobs of fur wiggling and pushing themselves around on their bellies to becoming able to stand, walk, run, play, and make real dog sounds instead of infant cries.  The change during the 1-5 week old developmental period is more dramatic more than any other growth period.

Standard Litters
Evaluations of Puppies and Selection

Age 5-7 weeks old

We will complete evaluations and the first veterinary examination once puppies have reached a minimum of 5 weeks old.  Depending on litter maturity, the time of which we complete evaluations may vary and be increased due to a variety of aspects.  We will begin offering puppies to approved homes once evaluations are complete.  Our evaluations include temperament, conformation, and overall suitability for your family.  We will create password protected links on the website to review the available puppies for you to selection from.  Once we have reached your name for selection, we will provide you with the password information to review the videos of puppies we feel will be a great match for your home and aspirations.   We want to give each family our undivided attention when we reach their name without conflicts and we do things this way to keep the selection process simple and peaceful for us and you. We will provide viewing instructions once we have reached your name on our reservation list and we are ready to announce and show you the puppies that are available to you. Your patience is greatly appreciated during this time.  


Once we are ready to begin the selection period, we will send out our preparation email to you that will fully prepare you for bringing your puppy home leading up to providing puppies for your to select from.  The preparation email will discuss a range of topics which will include pickup dates, transportation or airline flight information, food, toys, veterinary visits, training, microchip details, American Kennel Club (AKC) registration details, and other topics that we find important for new owners to review.  Please note that we do require all puppies to be registered through AKC and we also require microchips on all puppies prior to leaving our home.

Once you have reviewed puppies that are available to you that have been evaluated to be great matches for your family, should there be any reason that you decline the puppies available to you, your deposit is transferable to the next litter that you express interested in.  Please note that there will be no penalty should you decline the puppies available to you.  You will maintain your placement on our reservation list and we will be fully committed to working with you until we do find the perfect puppy that you are ready to bring into your home.


If you selected interest in both genders and multiple colors, please note that our reservation list may move at different speeds according to the differences in gender and color.  For example, if you place a deposit for the first available puppy, we will list you on both the female reservation list as well as the male reservation list.  If your name is reached on the female list first, we will initially offer you female puppies.  If you decide to decline the female puppies and wait for a male, we will contact you once we reach your name on the male list.  We will continue this way until you are happy with a puppy and ready to bring that puppy into your life.  We will be fully committed to working with you for as long as it takes and through as many litters as it takes until we find the puppy meant for you that you want to take home.  


We love all of our puppies and we are excited at the opportunity to work with you to find the perfect puppy for your family.  Our mindset on our process is that finding your puppy is about YOU and we are simply here to help and provide guidance through the process.  We understand that a puppy is a 15+ year commitment. We give each and every family adequate time and our undivided attention in order to answer any questions.  We find that it is most wise to select a puppy when they are old enough to walk, play, bark, hear, see, and smell. This is why we are very slow to begin offering puppies to families and wait until they are fully mature. We want to understand their personalities and conformational traits so we can guide you to puppies that will make suitable matches for you.  Also, families frequently choose to delay, or change their color and litter and gender preferences, so it is possible that puppies will become available to you even if you are further down on our reservation list.  As we progress through the reservation list, please keep an eye on the List View of Available puppies page for your name.  Once we get to your name, you will have our undivided attention and will provide you with the most options we can.  We very kindly ask that you provide patience during the selection period as we work our way to your name.  We prefer things as stress-free as possible.  Our flexibility as well as yours will guarantee this.

Once you have decided to move forward with one of the puppies available to you, we will then forward you all of the necessary documents needed which include the pedigrees of both parents, the vaccination record, and the kennel invoice detailing your final payment details.

Standard Litters
Bringing your Puppy Home

8 weeks old

We release puppies to their new homes at the age of 8 weeks old.  The preparation email that we provide will detail the date range for puppy pickups.  If you will need your puppy flown or transported via a ground relocation service, we will guide you through this process and answer any questions that you have.  We are very experienced when it comes to helping with transport and will do our very best to make the process as stress-free as possible for you.  Puppies will be fully up to date on vaccinations, dewormer, and flea control once the are released from our kennel.

Due to the pandemic, some airlines are limiting pet approved flights and airline shipping may be unavailable to all locations. Should air transport be unavailable for your location, we will help with setting you up with ground shipping transporters.  We do ship puppies within the continental United States via airline or ground services at the age of 8 weeks old.  Prices do vary depending on the airline or transporter used.  We generally fly puppies out of the Atlanta, GA (ATL) airport and generally are able to secure direct flights to most locations.  If we are able to use Delta or American Airlines, all-inclusive pricing for airline transfers are $425.00 which includes booking, health certificate, airline approved travel kennel, food and water bowls, plus the airfare.   We are also able to arrange for ground shipping for door-to-door transportation.  Ground shipping costs will vary by location but will generally range from $250-$600 depending on location.

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